GoAffPro Admin Page > Manage > Scripts

Scripts tab can be used to write custom scripts to automate certain tasks in your affiliate program.

To enable the Scripts tab in the admin panel:

In the Settings tab of the GoAffPro admin panel, click on Extras.

Here in the Scripts, you will have to enable the feature by clicking on the toggle.

After enabling, the Scripts tab will appear in the admin panel.

Here in the Scripts tab, you can select from the scripts (that you have created).

You can create a new script by clicking on New Script.

This will open up the New Script window, here you can set the title of the script and enter the code. You will also be able to see the output of your code in the column on the right by clicking on Test Run.

You also have the option to enable/disable various types of input and output windows.

Click on Save Script to save the script that you have created.

The Scripts option is an experimental feature.

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