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GoAffPro Admin Page > Settings
Settings Panel



  • Manage affiliate registrations with options such as auto-approval of affiliates, etc.
  • Manage referral sales settings with options such as Include discounts, Disable Commission for Self Referral, etc.
  • Set the cookie duration and signup bonus for affiliates.


  • Set the contact email address and the notifications email address.
  • Edit the email notification templates for both merchants and affiliates. Also, choose the notifications.
  • Set up and edit the welcome email.


  • Select the supported payment methods. for affiliates.
  • Set the payment terms, minimum payout amount, and the commission hold time.
  • Set up tax deduction for affiliate payouts.


  • Enable options such as Targets, Referral forms, Customer-affiliate connect, Membership Fees, Affiliate Groups, Influencers Seeding, and more.
  • Set up affiliate mini store and public store.
  • Setup invoices, legal documents, and W9 forms for affiliates.
  • Create manager accounts.


  • Sync affiliate data with email marketing services.
  • Sync affiliate accounts to register them as store customers.
  • Add Google ReCaptcha to your signup page.
  • Integrate PayPal Payouts to send payments to affiliates within the app.


  • Set up the default referral link for affiliates.
  • Set up referral link parameters and identifiers.
  • Automatically generate shortened links for affiliates.
  • Enable third-party tracking.
  • Set up conversion preference order.
  • Enable and create order and customer tags.
  • Set up two-factor authentication.
  • Option for disabling the affiliate program.


You can download data reports on order/sales, payouts, transactions, and traffic in CSV format.


You can upgrade to the premium plan, which starts with a 15-day free premium trial. You will only be charged when the trial ends.

Refer and Earn

  • It can be used to refer the GoAffPro app to other merchants.
  • Earn benefits such as cash or premium upgrades in the app.
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