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In the General section,
  • Manage affiliate registrations with options such as auto-approval of affiliates etc.
  • Manage Sales setting as well for referred sales and orders with options such as Give Commission after discounts, after shipping and taxes.
  • Choose to show site stripe to the affiliate for easy sharing of products.
  • Option to set cookie duration and Sign-Up bonus for affiliates.
  • Change the store name, the store currency can also change the affiliate portal (Premium).
In the Notification section,
  • Set up the email address that the affiliates can use to contact you, email address from which notifications emails will be sent, notifications for the merchant for when a new affiliate registers or when an affiliate sale is made.
  • Email notification for affiliates, when their affiliate account is approved, a new sale is made, affiliate payment is processed. It also has an option of whether to send a welcome email to an affiliate when they register.
In the Payments section,
  • Choosing the payment method that your affiliates will be given for payouts.
  • Choose the payment terms from 7, 15 and 30 days.
  • A minimum affiliate earning before a payout is made.
In the Extras section,
  • Choose to connect customers to affiliates, such that all the future purchases made by the customer will be attributed to the affiliate.
  • Set targets and bonuses for affiliates
  • Create a manager account for your affiliate program
In the Integrations section,
  • Choose to sync affiliate data to a MailChimp list, Omnisend marketing automation, Klaviyo.
  • Subscription payments to Recharge payments.
In the Advanced section,
  • Change the default referral link
  • Allow up to 10 referral codes per affiliate
  • Third-Party tracking.
  • Referral link identifiers.
  • Auto approval of affiliates coming from utm_source.
Options in the Advanced tab, are only for advanced users, if you have any issues or queries, please contact support.
In the Report tab,
  • Can download reports for a particular period, of affiliates, order/sales, and payouts in CSV format.


  • You can upgrade to the premium plan, that starts with a 15-day free trial, you will only be charged when the trial ends.
  • The premium features include:
    • Multi-Level Marketing.
    • Custom Domain.
    • Bulk Mail.
    • 5GB Creative Space.
    • 1 Year of Live Data Access.

Refer and Earn

  • It can be used to refer the GoAffPro app to other businesses and merchants using a referral link that will be provided.
  • After a merchant installs the GoAffPro app, the merchant whose referral was used will be rewarded with benefits such as cash or premium membership.
Below the admin page tabs are the Contact Section, which you can use to send your queries, suggestions, and feedback to us.
You can also send requests for custom features to be built into the app or you can use email us at [email protected] to get in touch.
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