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The Payments section can be used to set up payment settings for the program such as the supported payment methods for affiliates, payment terms, the default payment method, commission hold time, minimum payout amount, and withholding tax.

Supported Payments Methods

In the Supported Payment Methods option, you can select the supported methods of payments for affiliates.

The methods of payment you select will be shown as options to your affiliates, They can then select the payment method of their choice and fill in their payment details.

It is good practice to set up multiple payment methods to add convenience for your affiliates in commission payouts.

Setup Supported Payment Methods

Default Payment Method

The Default Payment Method option can be used to set a particular payment method as the default payment method for new affiliates.

Set Default Payment Method

Payment request

The Payment request option allows affiliates to request payments from within their dashboard. When a request is made by an affiliate, an email is sent to the merchant for it.

Enable Payment Request for Affiliates

Commission hold time

The Commission hold time option can be used to set the number of days to hold the commission payment, only after which the commission becomes payable to the affiliate.

Set Commission Hold Time

Payment Terms

In the Payment Terms option, you can select the terms for payments to affiliates, you can set it to 7, 15, or 30 day terms or write your own. These terms are then displayed to affiliates in their account dashboard.

Set Payment Terms for Affiliates

Minimum Payout

The Minimum Payout option, can be used to set up the minimum payout amount. It allows payouts only when an affiliate has crossed the minimum payout limit that has been set.

Set Minimum Payout for Affiliates

Withholding Tax/Retention Tax/TDS

The Withholding Tax/Retention Tax/TDS option can be used to set the tax percentage that has to be paid by you on behalf of your affiliates. The affiliate payout amount will be calculated after deducting this tax.

Setup Tax Deduction for Affiliate Payouts

Checkout the video below for an overview of the payment settings in GoAffPro:

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