GoAffPro Admin Page > Setup > Connections
Connections tab can be used to connect affiliates with customers. Whenever any connected customers make a purchase, the affiliate linked to them will get the commission for it. This connection is made using the customer's email address.
To enable the Connections tab in the admin panel:
In the Settings tab of the GoAffPro admin panel, go to the Extras section.
Settings > Extras
Here, in the Customer-Affiliate Connect section, you will have to enable the feature by clicking on the toggle.
Customer-Affiliate Connect
After enabling the Customer-Affiliate Connect, the Connections tab will appear in the admin panel.
Connections tab
In the Connections tab, you can view the affiliates and the customers that are connected to them.
Here, you can also filter out connections based on particular customers or affiliates.
Connected Customers
To link a customer to an affiliate, click on New Connection
In this window, you will be asked to select the affiliate and search for the customer to connect them. You also have an option to connect a new customer to an affiliate by filling in the customer details such as name and email address.
Link Customer to affiliate
Connections tab
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