Membership Plans

GoAffPro Admin Panel > Setup > Membership Plans

Membership Plans tab can be used to set up payment plans to charge membership fees from affiliates. After enabling this option, you will be able to create payment plans for charging membership fees from your affiliates.

To enable the Membership Plans tab in the admin panel:

In the Settings tab of the GoAffPro admin panel, go to the Extras section.

Here in the Membership fees section, you will have to enable the feature by enabling the toggle. You can then, click on Setup to set up the payment gateway.

Membership fees

After this, you can select the payment gateway of your choice.

In the Setup PayPal Payment Gateway section, you will have to enter the client ID and the client secret to set up the payment gateway.

To generate the client ID and secret, you can follow this video.

Setup Payment Gateway

After enabling, the Membership Plans tab will appear in the admin panel.

In the Membership Plans tab, you can create payment plans for affiliates.

In the Payment plans section, you can create a new payment plan for affiliates. Here, you have the option to set the name of the plan, the type of plan, fees, the affiliate tag, the perks of the plan, and the plan description.

Check out the guides below to learn how to create payment plans:

Setup One-Time Payment PlanSetup Recurring Payment Plan

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