Modern Layout

The Modern Layout allows you to add a background image on the signup page.

To customize the Modern layout, click on Select & Customize.

Here you can choose to set up a background image for your signup page, you can either choose a picture from our stock image gallery or upload your own.

Additionally, you can add the features of your affiliate program in the signup page and create or edit signup fields.

Here you can select an image from the gallery, you can search for the type of image you want, and select it from the options. You also have the option to upload an image of your own.

After this, you can also enter information about your affiliate program in the Overlay Content box.

Click on Save to save the change you made.

After saving, the signup page will update, the background image will appear on the left half and it will have the information on it. The right half will have the signup fields.

You also have an option to highlight features of your affiliate program, using the special features field.

The features field will appear on the right half of the signup page, it is present on top of the signup fields. This can be used to highlight the benefits of your affiliate program.

There is also an option to edit the signup button text.

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