Advanced Customization (Shopify Only)

You can make the portal look better integrated by adding a new theme asset, with a few more tweaks to your Shopify page.
  • Firstly, open the Themes tab in the Shopify control panel. Here select the Edit Code in the Actions drop-down menu.
Themes > Actions > Edit Code
  • After this select Add a new template.
Add a new template
  • Here select page and name it goaffpro. After this click on the Create template button.
page > goaffpro > Create template
  • You will now replace the code of the new template with the following code. After doing so, you will click on Save to save the template.
<section style="min-width:'100%'">{{page.content}}</section>
Write Code > Save
  • After this, open your newly created page in the Pages tab of the Shopify control panel.
Pages tab > Affiliate Portal Page
  • Here change the page's template to page.goaffpro. Click on Save to save the changes.
Template > page.goaffpro > Save