Prevent Spam/Bot Accounts Registering to your Program

To prevent spam/bot accounts from registering to your affiliate program, you can follow these methods:

  • Block/Delete Accounts
  • Disable Marketplace Listing
  • Disable Automatic Affiliate Approval

Block/Delete Accounts

You can block the spam/bot affiliate accounts by going to Affiliates > All Affiliates > Click on the affiliate's name to open up their profile and click on Block.
After blocking the affiliate account, you will also then get the option to delete the account.
Block/Delete Account

Disable Marketplace Listing

To prevent affiliates from the GoAffPro marketplace from registering to your program, go to the Marketplace tab and turn off the toggle.
Disable Marketplace Listing

Disable Automatic Affiliate Approval

You can disable the automatic approval of affiliates, by going to Settings > General > Affiliate Registrations and unchecking the "Auto approve registrations" option.
After disabling the automatic approval option, you can manually approve/reject affiliates from the Affiliates > Pending Approval section.