Approve/Reject an Affiliate Account

GoAffPro provides you an easy way of approving or rejecting affiliates that have applied to your affiliate program.
To approve or reject an affiliate account, go to the Pending Approval section in the Affiliates tab of the GoAffPro admin panel.
Affiliates > Pending Approval
Here, you have the option to either Approve or Reject an affiliate's account.
Approve or Reject the affiliate's account
To view the affiliate's profile before approving or rejecting, click on Details.
Affiliate Details
This will open up the affiliate's profile. You can then choose to approve or reject the account from here.
To approve the affiliate's account, click on Approve.
Click on Approve
After approving, you also get the option to revoke an affiliate's approval by clicking on Revoke Approval.
Revoking Approval