Test Commission Booster

Here, we take a look at the steps to test the commission booster:

To test the commission booster, go to the Commission Booster section of the Targets tab in the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here, click on Configure.

Now, click on New Boost.

After this, set up the commission booster settings and click on Save.

The commission booster that has been set here has the following settings:

  • Name: Booster One

  • Time Period: This month (Current Month)

  • Applies on: Sale Commission

  • Minimum Value: ₹100 (this can vary according to your currency)

  • Boost: 25%

This commission booster will provide a 25% boost to the existing commission rate of the affiliate after the affiliate earns ₹100 in sales commission. The booster will only apply to the sales commission earned in the current month.

For example: If the commission rate of the affiliate is set to 10% by default, then, if the affiliate crosses the minimum value of ₹100 in sales commission in the current month. The affiliate will get a 25% commission boost on his existing commission, that is, 25% of 10% = 12.5%.

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