Check the Commission Boost

Finally, we will assign the orders to an affiliate in the app and check the commission boost:

Assign the sale to the affiliate

Click on create a new sale manually, in the All Sales section of the Sales tab in the GoAffPro admin panel.

Now, select the order number #1016 and the test affiliate. After this, click on Assign Sale.

Repeat the process for the order number #1017.

To create a test affiliate account, follow this guide.

Finally, the orders will appear in the Sales tab.

The sales commission for order #1016 is ₹100 (10% commission rate). This makes the affiliate eligible for the commission booster, as the affiliate has achieved the minimum value set for the commission booster (the minimum value is set as ₹100).

The commission on order #1017 is ₹125, for which the commission booster has been applied. The default commission of 10% has been boosted by 25% which makes it 12.5% (12.5% of ₹1000 = ₹125).

Click on the order number #1017 to open the order summary.

The order summary for the order #1017 shows us that a commission boost of ₹25 has been added to the commission of the affiliate.

The default commission of 10% has been boosted by 25% (by the commission booster) which has made it 12.5% (10% of ₹1000 + 25% of ₹100 = ₹125).

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