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Set Commission Modifiers
GoAffPro provides you with the option to set commission modifiers for affiliate commissions. Affiliate commissions can be modified by using commission modifiers which are based on set rules. This can be used to adjust affiliate commissions for conditions such as order value less than or equal to a value or vice versa, first-time customers or recurring customers, etc.
In the Commissions tab in the GoAffPro admin panel, go to the Commission Modifiers section. Here you can set a new modifier for affiliate commissions.
Commission Modifiers
To use the commission modifiers feature, click on the toggle to enable it. To set a new modifier click on Add new modifier.
Commission Modifier
Here you can select different rules such as:
    Order value is >=
    Order value is <=
    Customer Shipping State
    Customer Shipping Country
    Total quantity of items is >=
    Total quantity of items is <=
    First Time Customer
    Old/Recurring Customer
    Coupon code matches
    Customer email matches
    Customer tag matches
    Order tag matches
    Payment gateway matches
    First sale of the affiliate
    Other Adjustments
    Product Name
For rules such as Order value <=, Order value >=, Customer Shipping State/Country, Coupon code matches, Customer email, Customer tag, Order tag, Payment gateway, Expression, Product Name, and Other Adjustments you can set the match value for the set rules and adjust the affiliate's commission for when an order fulfills the rule.
Select rule
For the rules First time customer and Old/Recurring Customer, the affiliate commission can be adjusted directly.
Set Value/adjust commission by
Click on Add Modifier to save the commission modifier you made. You will be able to view the newly set commission modifier with its details in the table below.
Set Commission Modifiers
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