Referred By Widget Integration

Custom Integration tutorial for "Referred By" widget in your store theme

Custom integration

Normally, the "Referred by" widget gets added when you turn it on in the Toolbars section of the Look and Feel tab. However, if you are using a custom theme and the widget does not appear in your cart page, you can add it using the following guide:

Open your store's cart template file and add the following code wherever you want the widget to appear.

<div id="gfp_referred_by"></div>

That's it. The widget will appear now.

Advanced Customization (for advanced users)

If you want to customize the widget as per your requirement, the widget script only requires the presence of an input field with id gfp_refcode_input for it to work.

So instead of adding the code as shown in the custom integration you can add the following code as well:

<label>Referred By</label>
<input type="text" id="gfp_refcode_input" /> 

So, in effect any piece of code with:

<input type="text" id="gfp_refcode_input" /> 

It will be sufficient enough for the widget to work.

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