Setup > Widget

In the Widget tab, you can edit and customize the appearance of the widget.

Here, you have various sections with different options for customizing the widget:

  • Theme

  • Launcher

  • Panel

  • Elements

  • Configuration

  • Translations

You can also see a preview of the widget on the right, that shows you how the customizations that you make will look in real-time.

In the Theme section, you can select the theme of the widget and select the brand color. Here, you can also adjust the position of the widget.

In the Appearance section, you can set the background and text color of the widget. You can also set the icon and text that gets displayed for the widget.

In the Panel section, you can set the background color of the widget panel and adjust its corners, height, and width. You can also rearrange the content that is displayed in the panel.

In the Elements section, you can select the background color of the widget header. There are also options present to set the color of the card, button, and links.

In the Configuration section, you can adjust the visibility and language settings of the widget.

Finally, in the Translations section, you can edit the translations of the text in the widget.

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