Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is the control panel for your whole loyalty and rewards program, it consists of:‌


Here, you can view the recent activity of your customers, such as the offers completed and the rewards redeemed.




  • In the Tasks tab, you can create tasks for your customers. These tasks will let your customers earn points. (These points can then be used to redeem rewards)

  • You can create tasks such as liking or following your social media pages and more.



  • In the Rewards tab, you can create ways for your customers to redeem their points.

  • You can set up rewards such as discount coupons, free shipping, free products, etc.


VIP Tiers:

  • In the Tiers tab, you can set up different tiers, with each tier having its own tasks and rewards.

  • The tasks and rewards of customers change after they cross a certain threshold of points.

VIP Tiers


  • In the Widget tab, you can customize the appearance of the PointsKit widget.

  • You can change the theme and customize various other elements of the widget.



  • In the Notifications tab, you can set up email notifications for your customers.

  • These notifications are sent to customers when they complete a task or redeem their points.




  • In the Customer tab, you can view the customers and the points that they have earned.

  • You can also view customer details, their recent activity, and statistics.



In the General tab,

  • Set up the name and format of your virtual currency.

  • Set up an expiration date for the points.

  • Manage account details, such as name, email, or store currency.

  • Set up notification email address.


In the Referral/Loyalty tab,

  • Set up points calculation options.

  • Automatically enroll visitors in your program.

  • Enable recurring points.

  • Give points only on new customers referred to the store.


In the Advanced tab,

  • Add or remove the widget code from the theme.


In the Integrations tab,

  • Integrate tracking code in third-party apps.


Below the admin panel is the Contact Section, which you can use to send your queries, suggestions, and feedback to us.

You can also send requests for custom features to be built into the app or you can use email us at to get in touch.

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