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Edit Widget Translations

UX Bundle provides you with the option to edit widget translations.
To edit widget translations, go to the Theme Editor tab in the UX Bundle admin panel.
Theme Editor
Here, go to the Widget Language section.
Widget Language
Now, click on Edit translations.
Click on Edit translations
This will open up the Translations section.
Here, choose the language.
Choose language
After this, you can search for the text you want to edit.
Search for the text you want to edit

For Example

Here, we want to change the "Ways to earn" text in the customer dashboard (loyalty program).
Customer dashboard
Now, search for this text using the filter.
Search for the text
After this, edit the text.
Edit the text
Finally, click on Submit.
Click on Submit
The newly edited text will appear in the customer dashboard.
You can use this option to edit the translations of the widget content.
Edit Widget Translations