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Affiliate Portal

List of features and options on the Affiliate portal for registered affiliates

Affiliate Registration

When the affiliate enters the affiliate portal, it will ask them for their email address and password (or additional information). There is also the option to signup through social media logins like Facebook and Google.
Create Account
After registering, an email will be sent to the affiliate's registered email address. They can then log into their account through the login page of the portal.
Affiliate Login

Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Portal


The Home tab displays the referral link and coupon code to the affiliate, that they can share with customers. When a purchase is made using an affiliate's referral link or coupon code, the affiliate will earn a commission on it.
In the Summary section in the Home tab, the table showcases information such as the number of referrals, orders, conversion percentage, sales, and earnings.

Marketing Tools

In the Marketing Tools tab, the affiliate can generate affiliate links for qualifying products on the store website, this link can be shared by the affiliates to promote more specific products. They can also download and share creative media files uploaded by the merchant.
In the Party Links tab, the affiliate can create new party links. They can set the name and email address of the host and generate the party link for them.


In the Pages tab, the affiliate can build landing pages, which will be hosted on the merchant's store. Affiliates can use these special landing pages in their promotions and even share the page link with others.


In the Analytics tab, the affiliate can view advanced analytic data such as Browser, OS, or devices used by customers who have visited the store using the affiliate's referral link. Affiliates can view detailed traffic analysis.


In the Network tab, the affiliate can view the network summary, the network map of affiliates, with details such as the number of affiliates in each level of the network, and sales or commissions earned by the affiliates in the network.


In the Store tab, the affiliate can place orders or create checkout links to share with their customers.


In the Transactions tab, the affiliate can view their transaction information, such as the date, type, and amount of the transaction.


In the Payments tab, the summary table shows information such as the amount paid, amount pending, and last payment. Below it, in the detail section, they can view more information on the payouts that have been made to them.


In the Settings tab, the affiliate can provide their profile information. There is also the option to customize the referral code of the link. They can set up their payment details and change/reset their account password.
Affiliate Portal
Keep your affiliate account password strong and do not share your password or payment details with anyone
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