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In the Analytics tab, you can view important statistics of your affiliate program. It lets you analyze the performance of your affiliates.


Here, you can view the stats of your affiliates. You can filter data by affiliate, group, and time period.

You can view the number of clicks, sales, signups, gross revenue, net revenue, commissions, and bonuses. Additionally, you can view stats like the total cost to the company, cost as a percentage of net revenue, cost per conversion, and cost per click.

You can also click on the data card to view the graph about it.

Here are the data metrics and what they signify:

  • Clicks: Unique visits made using the affiliate's referral link

  • Sales: Referral sales made using affiliate referral link or code.

  • Signups: New affiliates who have registered in your program.

  • Gross revenue: Total order amount of the referral sales.

  • Net revenue: Order amount after accounting for discounts, shipping, or taxes.

  • Commission: Commissions earned by affiliates on the sales they have referred.

  • Bonuses: Non-referral sales earnings like multi-level commissions, target bonuses, etc.

  • Total Cost to Company: Combined total of commissions and bonuses earned.

  • Cost per conversion: Average payout per order for the affiliate program. (total payout/total sales)

  • Cost per click: Average payout per traffic for the affiliate program. (total payout/total referral traffic)

You can also view the visitor data, from the visits made using the referral link of affiliates. The table showcases stats like the date, page, affiliate name, page views, and order number.


The Leader board section consists of a table that lists the affiliates by their rank according to their unique visits, number of orders, sales revenue, and the commission they have earned.

You also have the option to create a custom leaderboard:

Create Custom Leaderboard
Program Analytics

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