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Sales tab is useful for viewing sales that have been using affiliate referrals. When a customer makes a purchase using an affiliate's referral link or coupon, that sale gets recorded in the Sales tab.

Pending Approval

In the Pending Approval section, you can manually accept or reject the sales that have been made with affiliate referrals.

All Sales

In the All Sales section, you can view all the sales that have been made using affiliate referrals. Here, you can filter sales by affiliate name, order number, and date.

You can view:

  • Total sales made using affiliate referrals.

  • Commission earned by affiliates.

  • Search data for a particular period and download it.

The table further shows statistics such as the date of the sale, orders, amount, the affiliate/partner, commission, status, and actions.

Bulk Import Orders

In the All Sales section, you can also import up to 200 affiliate orders in one go. You can do this by uploading a correctly formatted CSV file.

To make sure the CSV file you upload is correctly formatted, you can download the sample CSV file and use it to create your bulk import file. There is also a glossary of headings, to help you understand the terms used in the sample CSV file.

Assign sale to affiliate

You also have the option to assign a sale to an affiliate, by using the create a new sale manually feature. Here you can assign an existing order to an affiliate.

Create a new sale

There is also an option to create a new sale for assigning it to your affiliate. Here, you can create a new order number for the sale, select the affiliate to whom you want to assign the sale, the amount of the order, the commission that the affiliate will get from the sale, and the date of the order

You can also set the customer's name and email. There is also the option for adding products to the order and setting their price and quantity.

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