GoAffPro Admin Panel > Settings > Advanced

The Advanced section can be used to set up and edit advanced options in your affiliate program.

Referral Link section allows you to set the default referral link, default network link, enable the auto ref linking option, multiple referral codes option, and set the referral code style for affiliates.

Set Default Referral LinkAutomatically Add Referral Code to Outgoing LinksEnable Multiple Referral Codes for AffiliatesSet Referral Code Style

Referral Link Parameters option allows you to add parameters to the referral link of affiliates. You can add one parameter pair per line.

Set Referral Link Parameters

Blocked IP/Origins

Blocked Origins option allows you to block commissions when the click originates from a listed domain or page. It also supports partial matches and regex.

Block Commission from Domains

Block Google Ads

Block Google Ads feature allows you to block sales that come in after a Google ad click.

Block Commission from Google Ads

Affiliate Conflict Resolution

Affiliate Conflict Resolution option lets you decide which affiliate will get the credit when a customer comes using two different affiliate links.

Here you can choose between the last or the first affiliate.

Affiliate Conflict Resolution

Here, you can set up the referral links of affiliates to automatically get shortened with a URL shortener.

Generate Shortened Bitly LinksGenerate Shortened Links with Shopify Shortener

Referral Link Identifiers option allows you to set up referral link IDs that will work for any of your affiliate's referral links.

Set Referral Link Identifiers

AMP Pages tracking

AMP Pages tracking option allows you to set up tracking for the AMP pages of your store.

Setup Tracking for AMP Pages

Third-Party Tracking

Third-Party Tracking option allows you to embed the tracking code in the landing page, where you want to track the affiliate's referrals.

Third Party Tracking

Conversion Preference Order

Conversion Preference Order option allows you to set the preference order of conversion tests for the sale attribution to affiliates.

Set Conversion Preference Order

Cart based tracking

Cart based tracking option allows you to add tracking to the cart metadata for cross-window/browser tracking.

Enable Cart Based Tracking

Variant tracking

Variant tracking can be enabled, to ensure that sales tracking works even if you have an automatic product variant redirection set up on your product pages.

Enable Variant Tracking

Cross Domain Tracking

Cross Domain Tracking option allows you to set up affiliate tracking across different domains.

Setup Cross Domain Tracking

Auto Ref linking

Auto Ref linking option allows you to automatically add the referral code to the outgoing links on your store.

Automatically Add Referral Code to Outgoing Links

Auto approve affiliates from

Auto approve affiliates from option allow you to automatically approve the affiliate coming from selected utm_sources.

Setup Auto Approve Affiliates Source

Give individual codes

The Give individual codes option allows you to generate individual discount codes (instead of them getting generated under the GOAFFPRO App code)

Generate Individual Discount Codes

Sale reporting

Sales reporting option allows you to change the way sales are reported to affiliates, you can choose between order total or order subtotal (commissionable value).

Setup Sales Reporting

Extra fields

Extra fields option allows you to add extra input fields in an affiliate's admin page. This can be used for storing data related to ERP or for API purposes.

Add Extra Fields to Affiliate Admin Page

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on feature allows your affiliates who are also customers to access their affiliate accounts from the Shopify accounts page.

Affiliate Account Access from Shopify Accounts Page

Affiliate portal alias

Affiliate portal alias option can be used to create multiple aliases for the same affiliate portal.

Setup Affiliate Portal Aliases

Access Tokens

Access Tokens section can be used to generate a new API key to develop custom integration with the GoAffPro app.

Generate API Keys for Custom Integration

Two Factor authentication

The Two Factor authentication option can be used to set up a TOTP-based two-factor authentication for the app.

Setup Two Factor Authentication

Tracking script Cache

The Tracking script Cache option can be used to increase the cache duration of the tracking script. It optimizes the tracking script delivery and impacts how soon the tracking parameter changes are applied when changed in the admin panel.

Set Tracking Script Cache Duration

Program Status

The Program Status option can be used to disable the affiliate program from tracking visits and referral orders.

Disable Affiliate Program

Extra Admin Navigation

The Extra Admin Navigation option allows you to add a new link in the GoAffPro admin panel.

All of the options in the Advanced tab are intended for advanced users; exercise caution while modifying any of these settings. Contact us at if you need assistance.

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