The Analytics tab can be used by affiliates to view advanced analytics of their referrals. These statistics can be used by them to refine and improve their performance.


Here, the affiliate can view data such as the browsers, operating system, or device used by visitors (visiting the store using the affiliate's referral link). They can also view the landing page and the origin of these clicks.

In addition to this, affiliates can also view the number of visits, the number of orders, the conversion rate, and the commission they have earned.

Traffic Analysis

In the Traffic Analysis section, the affiliate can view data such as the domain from which the traffic is coming, the orders, visits, commissions, and conversions. They can aggregate the data by:

  • Origin

  • Origin Domain

  • Source

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Campaign

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Content

  • Term

  • Date

  • Landing Page

  • Custom Query Param

Each aggregate will display a different kind of data.

The Analytics tab will only appear if the merchant enables advanced analytics in the affiliate dashboard section of the Look and Feel tab in the GoAffPro admin panel.

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