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Create Custom Coupons for Affiliates
GoAffPro provides you with the option to set up custom coupons for affiliates in your program. These custom coupons can have different discount values and can be assigned to affiliates individually. To set this up, you will be creating a discount code in your Shopify store and then assigning this discount code to an affiliate in the GoAffPro app.
To set up a custom coupon code, go to the Discounts tab in your Shopify panel.
Click on Create discount.
Click on Create discount
Here, select the Discount code option.
Select Discount Code
Now, set the discount code and discount value for the coupon. After this, click on Save.
Fill in discount code details
After saving, open the GoAffPro app by clicking on App > GoAffPro in the Shopify panel.
Here, go to the All Affiliates section in the Affiliates tab of the GoAffPro admin panel. Now, click on the affiliate's name to whom you want to assign the coupon code.
Affiliates > All Affiliates > Click on affiliate's name
Here in the Details section of the affiliate's profile, click on Assign Coupon.
Click on Assign Coupon
Now, paste the coupon code (that you created in the Shopify discounts section).
Paste the code
After this, uncheck the "Also create coupon in store" option (since that process has already been completed).
Also, set the discount type and amount of the coupon (this is for the affiliate's information).
Uncheck "Also create in store" & set the discount type and amount of coupon
Finally, click on Submit.
Click on Submit
The affiliate can share this coupon code with customers, who can use it to avail the discount while making a purchase on your store.
Create Custom Coupons for Affiliates
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