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Setup Email Marketing Campaigns

GoAffPro provides you with the option to set up email marketing campaigns.
To set up email marketing campaigns, go to the Marketing tab in the GoAffPro admin panel.
Here, click on New campaign.
Click on New campaign
This will open up the New Campaign section.
New Campaign
Here, set the campaign name.
You also have the option to set up campaign details (for your reference) and select the campaign type.
Set the campaign name
Next, click on Submit.
Click on Submit
After this, click on Edit to customize the email template.
Click on Edit
This will open up the email template editor, where you can customize the template of the email.
Email template editor
Next, select the audience for the emails.
You have the option to send the email to all the affiliates, affiliates with a tag, affiliate groups, or specific affiliates. There is also the option to select the affiliate status.
Select audience
Now, you can set the campaign schedule.
You can send the emails immediately or schedule them for a particular date and time.
Set campaign schedule
Finally, click on Finalize campaign.
Click on Finalize campaign
The email campaign will get saved.
You can also view the campaign statistics, such as email opening and click tracking.
Setup Email Marketing Campaigns