Manager for your Affiliate Program

GoAffPro lets you can create manager accounts for your affiliate program. Managers can be used to manage your affiliate program, they can be given duties to manage sales and payout to affiliates. A manager will have access to the same features present in the admin interface.

A manager can change commission rates, assign coupons to affiliates, make payments to affiliates, edit or customize the affiliate portal and dashboard and can also accept or reject affiliates that are registered to your program.

In the Settings tab of the admin panel, go to the advanced section. Here you will have to scroll down to the bottom of the page. The last option listed out is the Manager accounts option. Here you can create a new manager account by clicking on New Manager Account.

Manager Accounts


Put in the manager's name and click on Create to create the manager.

After you create the manager, you will be provided with a URL for the manager to login, a Store ID and a password. You can provide this information to your manager, who can use this to log into their manager account.

Manager Login Details

You can also delete the account of the manager, by clicking on Delete Account.

Manager for your Affiliate Program