MemberVault Integration

GoAffPro provides you with the option to integrate MemberVault.

To integrate MemberVault, go to the Integrations section in the Settings tab of the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here, go to the MemberVault section.

Now, click on See instructions.

This will open up the MemberVault Integration window.

Add Custom JavaScript

  • Open your MemberVault admin panel > General Settings (under the main General tab) > expand the Advanced Settings area.

  • In the text box for Custom CSS & Custom JavaScript, paste the code (in step 4) and click on Save.

Add Product Conversion Tracking code

  • In the MemberVault admin panel > Edit the product you want to track > Go to the Conversion Tracking section.

  • Copy and paste the code (in step 6) in the Product Conversion Tracking code text box and click on Save.

Every sign-up option will have a "Product View Tracking code", and if your sign-up option is Form or Paid, you'll also get a Product Conversion Tracking code.

Note: Update the total value in the code below to match the price of the membership.

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