Download Payout File

GoAffPro provides you with the option to download the payout file for pending payments.

To download the payout file for pending payments, go to the Payments section in the Payouts tab of the GoAffPro admin panel.

Here, click on Start payout.

Now, click on Start new payout session.

Next, set the session title and click on Submit.

Now, click on Select All.

After this, click on Download.

You will be able to download the payout file in various formats.

  • Excel (CSV)

  • PayPal MassPay (Old)

  • PayPal Payouts File

  • ABA File

  • BNZ File

  • NACHA File

  • SEPA XML File

  • Payquicker File

  • Transferwise File

  • Transactions

After you have paid the affiliates (outside the app), you can mark their payments as paid by clicking on Mark as paid.

Download Payout File

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