Coupon codes and Influencer marketing

For when you affiliates are on Instagram or youtube

If you have seen influencer promoting products on youtube or instagram, you'll see a lot of times they are giving away coupons. Now with goaffpro app, you too can give coupons to your affiliates which they can share with their followers.

How this works ?

  1. Your registered affiliates are issued a unique coupon code (lets say 10% off coupon)

  2. They share this coupon code with their followers

  3. Their followers then visit your shop, purchase products, and use the coupon code

  4. They get 10% off their purchase

  5. The affiliate is also given a commission as set by you in the admin dashboard

How to use this feature

In your admin dashboard, open the Coupons page. Then click on assign coupon to partner. There choose the partner and coupon code.

Assign coupon to partner
Set partner and coupon code

How to use automatic coupon codes

Automatic coupon codes create a new coupon code for your affiliates as they register. You set the value of discount and when a new affiliate registers on the affiliate portal, a new coupon code is generated and allotted to him/her

Setup automatic coupons
Set discount value for automatic coupons

In this way you can easily setup coupon codes for your affiliates to promote your products more effectively.