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Analytics are an important part of an affiliate marketing campaign, oftentimes analytics is confused with statistics but they represent different things.

Statistics are a collection of factual numerical data, analytics, on the other hand, is the analysis of the statistical data, it lets you forecast future growth and helps you in making decisions for the future.

Analytics tab helps you in seeing a great amount of data concerning your affiliate campaign. You can search for analytics of particular affiliates and search for analytics for specific periods and also download them.

Analytics Tab

The Visits table shows you visitors, with the date and time of visit, the page they visited (this can be the Referred Page or the Landing Page) with the device they used to visit (PC, Mac, etc.) the affiliate referral link the visitor used to visit, page views coming from an affiliate's referral and orders placed using the affiliate's referral.

Orders and Affiliate Revenue

Orders & Affiliate Revenue

Orders graph shows you the orders that have been placed using affiliate referrals, this helps you in analyzing how effective are affiliate referrals working.

Affiliate Revenue represents the revenue an affiliate has earned from visitors who have made a purchase on the store website using the referral link.

The above data points help in viewing how an affiliate campaign is working out, usually, if the graph is showing a several orders overtime and affiliate revenue overtime have curves moving an upswing, this would mean that the affiliate campaign is working efficiently.

Unique Visits

Unique Visits

The Unique Visits graph shows you the visits by people who have used affiliate referrals to come to your website, the graph further shows if the people visited the referring page (product page) or the website's landing page.

This graph helps you in observing how many visitors are being referred to your website and lets you see using the Orders graph above, how many visits are being converted to purchases.

Analytics tab

Analytics tab helps you in the analysis of your affiliate data and helps you make strategies to make it better. It also helps in planning for future programs.

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