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Connections tab can be used to connect affiliates with customers, whenever the connected customer makes a purchase, the set affiliate will get the commission.

This connection is made using the customer's email address. Whenever a customer makes purchases on your store, they are required to provide their email address.

After this, you can connect an affiliate to that particular customer's email address. Every time that customer makes a purchase using the same email address, the connected affiliate will receive the commission for the sale.

To Enable Connections tab in the admin panel:

In the Setting tab in the GoAffPro admin panel, click on Advanced.

Settings tab

Here in the Customer-Affiliate Connect, you will have to enable the feature.

Customer-Affiliate Connect

After enabling the Customer-Affiliate Connect, the Connections tab will appear in the admin panel.

Connections tab

In the Connections tab in the admin panel, you will see the Connected Customers section. In the table below, you will be able to see the affiliates, the customers that are connected to them and relevant actions.

Here you can also filter out the results based on particular customers or affiliates.

Connected Customers

To link a customer to an affiliate, click on New Connection

In this window, you will be asked to select the affiliate and search for the customer to connect them. You also have an option to connect a new customer to an affiliate by filling in the customer details such as name and email address.

Link Customer to affiliate

To Create a new Customer-Affiliate connection

There are two ways of making an Customer-Affiliate connections:

  1. New Connection in the Connections tab.

  2. Individual page of the affiliate in the Affiliates tab.

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To create a new Affiliate-Customer connection, click on New Connection, in the connections tab.

In the Link Customer to affiliate window, we select the affiliate, here we select affiliate's name. To link a new customer to the affiliate we fill in the details of the customer with his details such as name and email address.

Link Customer to affiliate

To save the changes and connect the affiliate to the customer click on Connect.

In the Connected Customer section, you will be able to the affiliate, the customer that has been connected to the affiliate and the action of deleting the customer-affiliate connection.

Connected Customers

In the Affiliates tab of the admin panel, click on All Affiliates section. Click on the affiliate's name you want to connect to a customer.

Affiliates tav

In the affiliate's page, open the Customers section.

Customers tab

Here you can search for the customer you want to connect to the affiliate. You also have an option to create a new customer by filling the customer details such as name and email address.

Click on Connect to save the change you have made.

You are also given an option to delete a customer-affiliate connect by clicking on Delete.

Connections tab