GoAffPro Admin Page > Settings > Advanced

Advanced tab, in settings, can be used to change more options for your affiliate campaign. The options present in this tab are only for advanced users.

Advanced tab

Targets and Bonuses

Targets and Bonuses allows you to set targets for your affiliates. This also allows you to provide bonuses to your affiliates, when they meet a target.

After you enable this feature, a new option called Target will appear in your admin panel

Customer Affiliate Connect

Customer Affiliate Connect allows you to connect your customers to an affiliate, this will attribute all future purchases made by them to the affiliate. When enabled, this will appear as a new tab on the affiliate page.

After you enable this feature, a new option called Connections will appear in your admin panel

Default Referral Link is an option that allows you to change the default referral link which appears in the affiliate portal.

Default Referral Link

Multiple Referral Codes

Multiple Referral Codes is an option that allows you to have up to 10 referral codes per affiliate.

Multiple Referral Codes

This gives an option to assign multiple referral links to an affiliate for different products that the affiliate will promote.

Third-Party Tracking

Third-Party Tracking is a tracking code that you can embed in the landing page on which you want to track the affiliate's referrals.

Third Party Tracking

Referral Link Identifiers are referral link IDs that will work for any of your affiliate's referral link.

Referral Link Identifiers

Auto Approve Affiliates

Auto Approve Affiliates is an option where affiliate coming from selected utm_sources will be automatically approved.

Auto Approve Affiliates

Facebook Pixel Tracking

Facebook Pixel Tracking allows you to track visits and sales.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

Manager accounts

You can create manager accounts for your affiliate program.

Managers can be set to manage your affiliate program, they can be given duties to manage sales, payout or affiliates. The manager will have access to the same features present in your admin panel.

Manager Accounts

To create a manager account, click on New Manager Account

Put in the manager's name and click on Create to create the manager

After you create the manager, you will be provided with a URL for the manager to login, a Store ID and a password.

You can also use this to window to delete the manager.

All options in the Advanced Tab are meant for advanced users, take caution while changing any of these options. For help, contact us at our Contact support.